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Paramount Cosmetics - formulating and manufacturing beauty products for 3 generations

Innovation and Product Testing

Our Innovations Lab is comprised of a professional team of Chemists as well as an extensive library of market-ready formulas.  

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Our Laboratory:

  • Meets regularly with global ingredient sources in an effort to provide you with trending formulas and/or delivery systems  
  • Embodies a keen understanding of color, fragrance, active materials, skin and hair
  • Maintains longstanding affiliations with SCC, CTFA, and ICMAD, keeping offerings on trend and compliant
  • Participates in scale-up from lab to production
  • Conducts ongoing Stability Testing to ensure consistency

We understand that your success is dependent on many factors including the ability to satisfy a global market.   Our partner testing facilities are accustomed to working with us in the event that outside regulatory testing is required.  Our affiliation with well-known cosmetic regulatory specialists guarantees quick answers to your questions on compliancy in such countries as EU, China, Korea, and Canada.

Third Party Testing

  • Sunscreen Efficacy (UVA/UVB/Assay/Water Resistance)
  • Allergy & Safety Testing
  • Claim Substantiation via:
    • Instrumentation
    • Use Test/Trial
  • CTFA and/or British method
  • Ocular safety (HET Cam/Ophthalmologist-tested)
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Compatibility test (component specific)
  • Ship testing (Domestic/International)
  • Compliancy Review (China/Korea/EU/Canada)
  • EU Dossier Preparation
  • Turnkey Solutions