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Paramount Cosmetics - formulating and manufacturing beauty products for 3 generations

Manufacturing and Filling

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In spec, on time, and on budget…

It’s not simply a promise, it is the credo by which we live.   Rather than addressing your needs department by department, your designated Account Executive navigates your project from start to finish.  We encourage your involvement in this process and make every effort to be responsive to your needs.  While we won’t overpromise, we are mindful that your requirements may change.  At Paramount,  our flexibility is a welcome difference and you’ll find that we advocate for you and your brand’s success.

Equipment and experience guide the quality and dependability of your deliveries at Paramount.  Our track record of on time deliveries is stellar and we take great pride in the reliability of our systems and personnel.

From incoming inspection of components to the outgoing inspection of finished goods, all precautions are taken to deliver the quality you expect and deserve.  

Our filling equipment can accommodate most cosmetic/skin care packaging and volumes.    

Paramount Cosmetics Equipment List We have a detailed Equipment List that illustrates our capabilities to meet your Contract Manufacturing requirements. Please call or use our contact page to request a copy of the Equipment List.